You can contact 24-hour telephone counselling for children and adults and find crisis chats for children and adolescents. Search for counselling centers here. The association of statutory health insurance physicians (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung) can help you locate physicians and therapists near you.

As soon as our training courses start, you can register here on this website. To receive the latest information, please subscribe to our newsletter: ((insert link))

Teachers can participate in our training programs free of charge.

Because we understand teachers’ workload, we not only keep our training programs as concise as possible, but also offer them at a variety of different times. We hope that doing this creates as broad an offering as possible.

Our training courses are offered online; they can be accessed anywhere in Germany. Our modules take the different educational systems into account.

Children and adolescents should be able to lead a life that is worth living. If mental illnesses occur, they are recognized at an early stage at school and in the social environment. Those affected are not stigmatized, but receive attentive and competent support.

We support those affected and their school and family environment with scientifically based digital training and prevention programs designed for them.

tomoni mental health is a non-profit company registered in the commercial register with its registered office in Frankfurt am Main.

Yes! The training courses are held by Experts of Everyday Life or Scientific Experts. Experts of Everyday Life are affected by mental illness and who are on a stable therapy path. Scientific Experts have a university degree in pedagogy, social work, sociology, psychology, or medicine.

Do you belong to one of these two groups? Then feel free to send us your unsolicited application or your questions to social@tomonimentalhealth.org.

tomoni mental health focuses on incorporating scientific findings into everyday school life. In our training courses, we discuss specific situations that regularly occur in the school environment. This focus means we can include the perspective of affected young people who have shared their experiences with us.

We welcome new perspectives, ideas, and advice. Feel free to send an e-mail to social@tomonimentalhealth.org.

We are non-partisan and work across all denominations.

We welcome donations and are just as pleased when the idea and the offering of tomoni are spread to others.