For youth

tomoni mental health wants to help you as soon as you might notice that you don’t feel so well or that you feel different from everybody else – even if you aren’t ready to talk about it with your friends or anyone in your family. We want to show you that there are ways out of difficult, dark or what seem to be hopeless situations. tomoni mental health is there for you on the way to treatment.

That's why we're working on a digital safe space you can trust – one you can visit whether it’s about yourself or a friend. Your age, your gender and your background won’t matter. We will inform you objectively and at eye level about mental illnesses. From us, you will be able to find out what illnesses may feel like, how they develop and how to handle them. You will also find out how to distinguish between illnesses and mood swings. Furthermore, you will find out what help and therapies are available.

We are working on a page where we want to answer questions like: What is the difference between just being shy and suffering from an anxiety disorder? How can I cope with my sadness or lack of motivation? Why does my friend suddenly want to be alone all the time?

A group of affected and committed teenagers and young adults – our game.changer – are involved in the development and design of this digital safe space from the very start, identifying issues that are important to you. If you would like to be a part of this, send us a message on instagram.