Frankfurt, October 2023

Crespo Foundation and Dieter Schwarz Stiftung become funding partners of tomoni mental health

The Crespo Foundation and the Dieter Schwarz Foundation are now sponsoring partners of the non-profit company tomoni mental health. Both foundations sign a multi-year cooperation agreement with tomoni mental health.

tomoni mental health gGmbH, a non-profit company based in Frankfurt, will be supported by the Crespo Foundation and the Dieter Schwarz Foundation with immediate effect. tomoni mental health has set itself the task of promoting the early detection of mental illnesses in young people. With the expertise and networks of the two new partners, the existing tomoni mental health programme will be promoted and expanded.

This is based on a chain of effects that leads from the environment of the affected young people to the young people themselves. It started in 2022 with a digital and interactive training programme for secondary school teachers: tomoni.schools. The aim is to increase knowledge about the early detection of mental illnesses and to increase the ability to act when dealing with affected children and young people. The effectiveness of the programme will be scientifically evaluated by the University Hospital of Würzburg from the 4th quarter of 2023. In the next three years, the focus will be on scaling tomoni.schools, expanding it to include a separate offer for teachers at primary schools, as well as extending the chain of effects that has already begun by involving parents and relatives, paediatricians, friends and the affected young people themselves.

"To support young people systemically, you need the whole village. With the Crespo Foundation and the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, we have two strong partners at our side. We are very happy about the trust placed in our work and our team. Together, we are committed to growing the village, which will enable us to develop and offer more digital training, the next for primary school teachers and parents," explains Alix Puhl. Together with her husband, she is the founder and managing director of tomoni mental health.

Both the Dieter Schwarz Foundation and the Crespo Foundation are high-profile and long-term players when it comes to sustainably supporting children and young people and helping them to live up to their potential without being hindered by limitations.
The Crespo Foundation, founded by the psychologist and photographer Ulrike Cre-spo, sees tomoni mental health as an effective initiative to strengthen young people in a crucial phase of their personality development. Christiane Riedel, Chairman of the Crespo Foundation, explains: "75 percent of all mental illnesses begin in childhood and adolescence. Affected young people are thus restricted in leading a life worth living and self-determination, in exploiting their potential and in finding the place in society they aspire to. In line with the Crespo Foundation's motto 'Making people strong', tomoni mental health starts here and forms a network around young people, which recognises mental illnesses at an early stage and thus avoids hurdles on their development path."

"We would like to thank both institutions for their great trust in us to make a concrete and tangible contribution to improving the way our society deals with the mental health of young people. The long-term nature of the support enables us to tackle the goals set step by step," adds Oliver Puhl.